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Henchcraft Feature Winners


Alex Therrien - I-88 Speedway
- Afton, NY




Rich Hench - I-35 Nationals
- Cameron, MO


Darren Salmon Aust #1 2013/14


Scott Genrich QLD #1 2013/14


Peter Campbell QLD CLub Champion 2013/14 and 2nd at Australian Title

Jim Kennedy -owner JSK Performance Race Parts Australia

3rd QLD CLub Championship

Kurt Wilson N16x 2011 Henchcraft, Archerfeild 22/2/14 Kurt and 2nd at the QLD Title 2013/14



David Collins wins the Garnie Laffan tq classic



Brent Steg - Greenbush Race Park

Alex Therrien - St. Guillaume Speedway

Don Harvey Jr. - Glen Ridge Motorsports


Guillaume Neiderer - Autodrome Drummond


Bill Dunham


Bobby Layne


Cori Andrews


Justin Ward


Troy Ullery


Wally Butler

Latest News

GUHL Fuel Injection System Optimization
After a fuel injection system has been selected, there are still several steps to optimization. Though system selection is very important, dyno tuning and proper maintenance is the key for success. A good system can run poorly when it has been set up improperly or if maintenance is neglected. Dyno tuning is the most efficient method for optimizing power. Since there is no such thing as a “generic” fuel curve or fuel map, dyno tuning each system individually is very important. You will want to be sure that the tuner you select is knowledgeable in your specific application and understands the importance of broad power curves and the theory behind internal combustion engines.
Though it is easy to tune a system for high peak numbers, it is much less simple to tune for drivability and overall performance. You will also want to be sure that the dynamometer is best suited for your application. Choosing the right dyno will eliminate inconsistencies of the testing/tuning process. Be sure that you are tuning for all variables in the entire system so that maximum power can be achieved; these include fuel curve, intake stack length, exhaust system, ignition/cam timing, and air box. When you leave the dyno, you will not only have optimized your fuel curve for peak performance and maximum drivability, but you will also know prior to race day that your system is operating correctly.
During the tuning process, your tuner should be asking questions about the type of track you race on and the driver’s experience. These are all factors that contribute to optimal tuning. Generally tuning for the “big” peak-power numbers does not make the best race engine. Big peak-power numbers are usually attained by sacrificing mid-range power which hurts the all-important corner exit performance. Different tracks and driving styles require different power curves. A track with long straights and tight turns requires very wide power curves that drive the car out of the turn and continue to pull to the end of the straight. Small tracks with sweeping turns and short straights might require a more narrow power curve for best performance.
















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Jim Kennedy owner of Henchcraft Racing Products Australia is happy to announce our exciting new business venture JSK Performance Race Parts Australia, helping to strengthen our commitment to the small open wheel market of speedway in Australia by being able to provide the latest products and technology available. Business will continue as normal at Henchcraft Racing Products Australia & now with our strategic alliance with EMI & Speedway Motors in the USA this will allow us to provide the best support & products available for our clients.
In addition we are happy to announce our new association with GUHL Motors USA & Rebel Gears USA allowing us to offer the most advanced technology available for engine performance. Our GUHL Motors dealership gives us the potential to provide technology to get the best performance possible out of your engine. ECU performance upgrades, superior fuel systems & fuel mapping, air box system assemblies, alcohol performance catering for 600cc & 1000cc engine configurations.
Our Rebel Gears dealership has also given us the ability to provide the best quality sprockets & chains available for every and all motor cycle engines. We are able to supply quality counter sprockets, rear sprockets split or full, plus also offset Harley Davidson Sprockets. Chains available in a variety of sizes & lengths to suit race car, road bike, race & drag bike

More updates to come shortly…